10 Annoying Things Ghanaian Mothers Say Or Do But We Still Love Them

It seems Ghanaian mothers intentionally have an association where they meet to discuss the best clap backs for their children or what to say to them when they ask a silly question.

Their minds are programmed to have a quick response to you without even looking your way and sometimes they are so annoying but you can’t say jack, you just have to swallow your pain and move on.
You sometimes look back and can’t deny how annoying they are but they also make you laugh and that’s when you realise how much you still love them no matter what.

If you’re not Ghanaian, then you might not know this, here are 16 annoying things Ghanaian mothers say or do but we still love them.

1. When she frequently gives some “not so cool” lectures in the House.
Of course, every mum wants the well being of her children but anyone who stayed with her mother when Mama was getting closer to the age of 50 can relate to this…. Mummy will always have some sort of long comments to give about almost everything we did (especially the wrong ones and mistakes we made).

2. When she ask you to choose between your beard and your school fees.

3. When you don’t pound the fufu and she leaves your cassava for you to come pound

4. When you become their mediator between her and her husband when they have a debate.

5. When you have to help her set the same thing on her phone every time.

6. When she has to call you every minute when you’re out late as if you’re a toddler.

7. When she always has to remind you, “Wo Be Nyin Abeto”

8. When you eat and still want more food. Her response would be; wokaa sɛ yɛnam w’afru so na yɛkɔ bono-ahafo (To wit, “you think the road to Brong-Ahafo is on your tummy”)

9. When you tell her you’re hungry and her first response is to inquire if you’ve taken your shower. Only God knows the relation here.

10. When you ask for more food after eating and she goes like, “Wo didi ama y’akoton wo anaa?”

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